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“Small Disciplines Applied Daily, Will Change Your Life Forever”

Mark Ismail, CEO
Our Story: From the founder

My story is just another success story that could only happen in the United States. I was born in Lebanon, middle child of six, didn’t fit in, didn’t agree with a lot of things. I had a rough childhood. I never found happiness as a child. Somehow, I made it to 19. When I turned 19 my parents decided that I should study in the United States. I found myself in a plane for the first time heading to the United States with tears in my eyes not knowing that it was my ticket out. I didn’t speak the language, didn’t know anything about the United States.

So of course, I struggled. I started working as a mechanic while going to school. I didn’t have a plan, didn’t even know what plan is. I was going to school and taking classes not knowing what I wanted to be. The only thing I did know since I was child is to choose Good over Evil under any circumstances. I knew not to sell out for anything. However, life means business, which means if you don’t have a plan whether you are good or bad, you will lose.

Please understand that I’m not writing this to make you feel sorry for me, I’m writing this so I can help others. Fast forward 15 years later, during that I graduated with Bachelor degree, got married, have a child, opened an auto repair shop, got divorced, thought I was a good husband.

Till one day which was DEC 25 2016, I said I’ve had enough. I’m going to change even if it kills me. So, I started working on developing VIP Shop Management every day since. At the same time, I started working on personal development. I started listening to Jim Rohn which I consider my teacher. I started applying small disciplines every day. But the secret is to be consistent, and I mean consistent which means applying the disciplines every day no matter what. If I ever fail, I correct myself instantly. I've trained my brain to understand that failure is a step closer to success. I have been programing my brain ever since by injecting knowledge and learning from the most successful people in the US.

Since I live alone and all my family stayed back home. I redesigned my culture, religion and philosophy to put me ahead instead of holding me back. My culture is the success of humanity, my religion is believing someone created everything and I’m thankful of being part of it and more importantly i'm thankful for the freedom of choice.

My Goal is to become the wisest person in our era and become a Billionaire then pay it back. Pay it back to this country: The United States of America that I consider home for me and my kid. To the people of the United States that I consider the best people in the world despite everything. And to the schools and teachers that build our children’s Future. The United States saved the world twice. If it wasn’t for America, I wouldn’t exist. All I want to do is to be an example and be the best version of myself so I can serve better.

Small Disciplines applied Daily, Will change your life forever. Thanks for reading.